NELHA Ping Pong Every Wednesday

Last week’s Brown Bag Table Tennis Kick off meeting was a success! Big mahalos to the 10 tournament participants! If you were unable to attend last Wendesday’s meeting, no worries, because it was declared every Wednesday at Noon will be table tennis tournament hour.

How can I join in?
· Sign-up on the tournament sign-in sheet that will be posted Wednesday morning by the ping pong table
· Arrive at or around Noon
· Play a game of table tennis with your opponent (first come, first pong)

Do I need to know how to play table tennis?
· Nope! All skill levels are welcome

Can I bring my lunch?
· Yes, the Hale Iako building has a small kitchen to warm/prepare your lunch with tables to sit at. This will be a great opportunity to meet other people that work at the NELHA facility and watch/heckle your colleagues playing.

How much time commitment will this take?
· 11 point games are short (< 5 minutes)
· The game structure will be fluid, play when you and your opponent are ready
· When done, socialize, eat lunch or return to work

What do I need to bring?
· A great attitude and be prepared to laugh and have fun
· Your lunch (sharing is always welcome)
· Paddles and ping pongs are provided, but you’re welcome to bring your own equipment.
· 70’s themed sweat bands, tube socks, and clothes earn you extra points

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact: