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Cyanotech Implements Direct Registration System (DRS) for All Registered Shareholder Transactions

Effective May 15, 2009, Cyanotech Corporation implemented Direct Registration System, or DRS, for all registered shareholder transactions. This means that routine stock transfers or the replacement of lost Cyanotech stock certificates will result in the issuance of a DRS statement instead of a stock certificate, unless you specifically request a physical certificate.

There are many benefits to DRS. You:

  • Receive convenience and security of book-entry shares that eliminate the possibility of lost certificates
  • Avoid the time-consuming and costly process of replacing a stock certificate
  • Simplify the transfer process to change ownership
  • Can send stock certificates presently held by you to Computershare for deposit into your DRS account
  • Sell any of your DRS shares through Computershare
  • Request the issuance of a stock certificate at any time, at no charge.

Please contact Computershare with any questions at www.computershare.com and click “Contact Us” located under the Investor: Investor Centre section, or write to Computershare, Inc., P. O. Box 43078, Providence, RI 02940-3078

Bruce Russell: [email protected]
(310) 559-4955 x101


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