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From "Woman's World" Magazine, January 18, 2000

Discover the brand-new fountain-of-youth vitamin
— It can keep your arteries clear and your skin firmer and smoother - and the latest studies show this newly discovered nutrient could even protect you from cancer —

Antioxidant vitamins such as E, C and beta carotene have been hailed as lifesavers for their ability to protect us from disease. They neutralize free radicals, the oxygen molecules that damage our cells, and studies prove they can stop cholesterol from clogging our arteries, boost our resistance to illness and infection — even prevent cancer from taking hold.

But now researchers have found something that may be even better. It’s astaxanthin, a nutrient found in seafood and algae. Studies prove it's 10 times stronger than beta carotene, and it has 550 times more antioxidant power than vitamin E!

“It’s one of the most amazing antioxidants we’ve ever discovered,” says (Cyanotech) microbiologist Todd Lorenz, Ph.D. “It can make you look and feel younger in as little as four weeks!”

Take it daily, say the pros, and you could:

Keep wrinkles and age spots at bay — More than 90% of the visible signs of aging we experience are caused or aggravated by sun damage. But astaxanthin contains carotenoids, pigments that prevent the sun's rays from damaging skin cells — “and that means they can keep you looking younger,” says biologist Mark Huntley, Ph.D.

Prevent heart attacks and stroke — As we age, our arteries get clogged with cholesterol and other fats. But astaxanthin can help clear them — and keep your heart healthier. Studies suggest as little as 8 mg. daily could cut bad LDL cholesterol by 30% and boost good cholesterol 30% within four weeks. “Astaxanthin mops up the plaque in your bloodstream before it can attach to your arteries,” says Huntley. And researchers say it’s enough to reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke by 90%!

Fend off cancer cells — Our immune systems get weaker over time, leaving us more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. But researchers say astaxanthin revs up the white blood cells that are our first line of defense against infection. And now Japanese experts say astaxanthin may also help your immune system destroy cancer cells. Their studies suggest that taking astaxanthin for eight months straight could slash your risk of colon cancer in half! What’s more, follow-up research suggests it could protect you from mouth, bladder and liver cancer to boot.

Studies are ongoing and scientists believe even better news is on the horizon. Already research is showing astaxanthin increases the life span of lab animals 37%, and there's preliminary evidence it could accelerate the rate at which our bodies burn calories. Astaxanthin appears completely safe — there have been no side effects, but as with any supplement talk to your doctor before you start taking it.

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