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BioAstin® — Natural Astaxanthin
A powerful antioxidant with benefits surpassing many of the leading
vitamins and beta-carotene, and with indications of health benefits
for joints, skin, and immune response, among others.

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Human Dietary Supplement
BioAstin addresses varied markets, from suncare products (est. at $500 million annually) to joint health to the general health and sports nutrition markets.

Spirulina Pacifica®
A nutrient-rich dietary supplement, Cyanotech's unique strain is a
vegetable-based, highly absorbable source of phytonutrients, B
vitamins, gamma linolenic acid (GLA), protein and essential
amino acids.
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Health and Natural Foods

Cyanotech is the world leader in production of the highest grade Spirulina product, Spirulina Pacifica. Sales are spread widely throughout the US and 30 other countries.

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