Intellectual Property


1. Method for Retarding and Ameliorating Fever Blisters and Canker Sores
US Patent No. 6,344,214
2. Method for Retarding and Ameliorating Carpal Tunnel and Tenosynovitis
US Patent No. 6,258,855
3. Method for Retarding and Preventing Sunburn by UV Light
US Patent No. 6,433,025
4. Ocean-Chill Drying of Microalgae and Microalgal Products
US Patent No. 5,276,977
5. Pigmentation Supplements for Animal Feed Compositions
US Patent No. 4.871,551: All rights purchased from Microbio Resources Inc.
Canadian Patent No. 1333345
Australian Patent No. 605082
Chilean Patent No. 37184
New Zealand Patent No. 227744
Norway Patent No. 174274
Spanish Patent No. 153.308
Turkish Patent No. 223978
6. Integrated Microalgae Production and Electricity Cogeneration
US Patent No. 5,659,977


1. Spirulina Pacifica; US Reg. No. 1,688,697; Japan Reg. No. 3074025
2. Konatene; US Reg. No. 1,418,843
3. Algaxan Red; (purchased from Microbio Resources Inc.) US Reg. No. 1,418,843
4. NatuRose; US Reg. No. 2,220,267; Japan Reg. No. 43868
5. BioAstin; US. Reg. No. 2,448,406; Japan Reg. pending

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